My knowledge & expertise comes from personal experience, education & ongoing training. Throughout my journey I have experienced & learned a great deal of life lessons with many being very eye-opening & traumatic. Along the way I continue to take training, online courses, and incorporate tips & techniques that have added to who I am today … without my personal experiences & what I have learned, I would not be where I am today which is in a place where I am loving myself & my life and I am excited about what the future holds for me.

I am very committed to providing my clients with the upmost respect & courtesy. I come from a heart-centered space of love & non-judgement, meeting my clients where they are at on their journey & guiding them to where they want to be. Your peace of mind & trust is extremely important to me and I promise to always be authentic, compassionate & empowering during our sessions together. My mission is to make you feel safe on your journey to creating the life you deserve & desire!

Here’s what a few more clients have had to say:


Julie B, Alberta Canada – I have gone through a 3-session package for hypnotherapy and I’m already seeing changes/improvements in myself. I was also a little afraid at first, but when we started working together, I realized that hypnotherapy is 100% nothing to be afraid of! 

Kristin D, Oregon Washington – I recently had a relaxation hypnosis done and it was so fun and relaxing. I totally recommend it. Afterwards I felt so refreshed. 

I had the most amazing chakra balance hypnosis session with Lisa. It was subtle yet profound! I had a high level of pain when we began and at the end it had reduced by 90%. The next day I was feeling balanced, focused, and my 3rd eye has been crazy active. I have been clairvoyant my entire life, but lately not recalling dreams, but NOW, total recall. Thank you Lisa  My higher self is very pleased 

Lilly F. – Oregon Washington – Had a relaxation hypnosis session with Lisa one evening. As soon as she started my whole body relaxed. Then tears started flowing releasing lots of emotions and trauma I had been clearing but hadn’t relaxed enough to release. The session was pivotal in letting go of a deep hurt in my heart. I look forward greatly to more sessions!!!! 

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