Self Love vs Self Care

What is the difference between Self Love and Self Care? Is there really a difference?

In this post I will explain how Self Love & Self Care are different from one another. 

Self Love includes Self Care, but Self Care alone only addresses our physical needs. Self Love is about inclusion of the whole person – the Mind, the Body & the Spirit!

Self Care is such things as massages, relaxing baths, eating well, exercising, meditating, prayer, attending church, and securing your future financially. Anything that has to do with taking care of yourself in the physical world is Self Care

Self Love is experienced on an emotional level, it is felt within! It includes many different things such as:

  • paying attention to your intuition & trusting yourself to take action
  • being okay with where you are ‘now’
  • knowing the answers you seek come from within yourself and not from your external environment
  • taking time on a daily basis to quietly acknowledging the infinite wisdom within for it is connected to “All That Is”, it is knowing YOU are ONE with the Universe
  • it is gentle, kind, compassionate & loving discipline towards yourself no matter what you endure
  • it is listening to what your body needs to feel love, accepted & approved of from YOU

When you LOVE yourself first, you allow yourself to let go of the expectation of others to do so. When you are loving towards yourself you attract people who authentically & wholeheartedly love you too! Self Love is not a gift you receive when you are born, it is a gift you learn.

Some may be raised in families where they learn this amazing gift and it comes easily. Others aren’t so fortunate and it may take years or even decades for them to realize that what they need most in their life is to learn to love themselves. Sometimes even when we do love ourselves we may experience certain challenges or enter toxic relationships and we may lose the ability or forget how to love ourselves. The good news is you can always learn or re-learn how to love yourself. 

Self Love is a journey inward, it is a process & not an overnight ‘fix’. It is about going within & shifting your mindset regarding your thoughts, morals & beliefs, it is about connecting with your emotions & feelings & acknowledging whatever needs to be acknowledged with an open heart, it is about unconditional love & non-judgement towards YOU! The Self Love Journey is about unfolding the discovery of YOU

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Coming Soon: 5 Steps to ensure you are emotionally Loving Yourself

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