5 Steps to Emotionally Loving Yourself

To continue from my previous post on Self Care vs. Self Love, here are the 5 Steps to Emotionally Loving Yourself …

1. Be Present In Your Body ~ as an Adult it is important to be present in your body to really know your needs, and then attend to those feeling with love & attention. By staying in your mind, and not listening to your body you are neglecting a very important part of who you are. Being present in your body can be as simple as taking a walk & paying attention to your surroundings using your 5 senses or it may be sitting in meditation. There are many other ways to be present in your body, a few more include participating in Yoga, enjoying a bubble bath while completely enjoying the moment, or creating something whether it is colouring, writing or taking photos. Being present means being in the ‘here & now’ and noticing what your body is feeling during these moments.

2. Seek a Spiritual Connection ~ if you believe in Spirituality then you know that there is a greater Source of divine within you also known as God, Higher Self, Source, Universe or whatever you refer to it as . Due to human nature of being emotional beings life is not meant to be lived alone, it is more comforting to know that you have something greater than yourself to help manage those big & painful feelings with self-compassion. At the same time, Higher Self is also there to cheer you on and help you achieve our dreams & goals. Creating a healthy spiritual connection helps you to grow & evolve from all of your experiences regardless of what emotions you are experiencing. Take the time to create a healthy Spiritual Connection & watch how your life blossoms.

3. Take Responsibility for your Feelings ~ when you learn to embrace your feelings unconditionally & accept them for what they are then that is an act of self love. Just as children feel rejected when criticized, or ignored your inner child also needs to feel deeply loved, accepted, & approved of because without those feelings your inner child will also feel rejected. When you avoid your feelings rather than compassionately embracing them & being open to them you miss learning what they are trying to tell you … so take responsibility for your feelings & embrace them for what they are & be open to changing them to positive!

4. Define Your Own Self Worth ~ no two people define their self worth the same way nor should it be expected because after all we are unique as the fingerprints on our palms. When you make the attention or approval of others responsible for whether or not you are OK than you are actually abandoning yourself. When you learn to see yourself, the true essence of your being (inner child & all), through the eyes of your higher self then you can let go of seeking love, approval & acceptance outside of yourself in order to define your own self worth.

5. Take Action ~ loving your self means you take loving action on every level … physically, emotionally, & spiritually! When you are unsure of what loving action to take then ‘sit’ with your self and ask your Higher Self for guidance … the answers are all within, you just need to listen!

With Healing Flare … 

Lisa K

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