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Renelle BReiki Practitioner

I had Past Life Regression Session with Lisa + it was extremely insightful. This was my first experience with hypnosis + Lisa made me feel comfortable + at ease. She was very good at explaining what hypnosis is + answered all of my questions. My session gave me many answers to questions I didn’t even know I was seeking answers to. After the session, I felt very light + relaxed, as though a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I have always had a fear of planes when they’re landing + during this session, Lisa was able to help me discover why! Hypnosis is truly amazing + Lisa is fabulous. Thank you! xo

Kerri TEntrepreneur

In one session Lisa helped me release a phobia I developed after my father passed from Alzheimer's disease. I walked into that session filled with fear and quite sure it wasn't going to work. And I walked out vibrating with joy. I haven't had any concerns about it since. I highly recommend Lisa! She can help you!


Reiki can benefit anyone and although it is spiritual in nature, it is not dependent on religious beliefs nor do you need to have beliefs of any kind in order to benefit from a session, all you need is to be open to receiving the energy.

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Hypnotherapy is the practice of hypnosis for therapeutic purposes. Hypnosis is a tool used by Hypnotherapists to help clients overcome a mental or physical condition. I offer individual sessions and packages for Hypnotherapy.

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Transformational Life Coaching

Traditional life coaching only addresses your conscious mind. By incorporating hypnosis the Hypnotherapist can bypass your conscious mind and directly address your subconscious mind which is where true change actually happens.

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Self Love vs Self Care

What is the difference between Self Love and Self Care? Is there really a difference? In this post I will explain how Self Love & Self Care are different from one another.  Self Love includes Self Care, but Self Care alone only addresses our physical needs. Self Love is about inclusion of the whole person – …

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5 Steps to Emotionally Loving Yourself

To continue from my previous post on Self Care vs. Self Love, here are the 5 Steps to Emotionally Loving Yourself … 1. Be Present In Your Body ~ as an Adult it is important to be present in your body to really know your needs, and then attend to those feeling with love & …

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